Leonardo DiCaprio Turns Date Night Into A Giant Sing-Along

Photo: David Fisher/REX Shutterstock.
What Leonardo DiCaprio chooses to do with his mouth in public has been a hot topic over the last week. Surprise: He's added singing to his repertoire! Though the Wolf of Wall Street star claims his voice is "atrocious," on Thursday, he momentarily squelched his shame for a sing-along mid-dinner at Rao's. Page Six reports that DiCaprio and model-girlfriend/fellow PDA-enthusiast Kelly Rohrbach shared a table with former NYPD detective and Fox News contributor Bo Dietl for dinner at the Harlem landmark. Then, they began to sing...and sing...and sing, entertaining lucky restaurant-goers until late into the night. Other members of the choir included club owner Richie Akiva, Fox News reporter Charles Payne, and Greg Olsen, the millionaire who funded his own trip to space and who may now top our list of human beings with the raddest life experiences. DiCaprio and Dietl have gotten dramatic at Rao's before. The duo filmed a Wolf of Wall Street scene there in which Jordan Belfort, DiCaprio's character, solicited FBI-evading advice from the real-life investigator. (Page Six)