Your Summer Horoscope, From Hollywood’s Most Trusted Astrologer

Lynne Palmer’s list of past clients reads like a who’s-who of Hollywood in its heyday: Mickey Rooney, Johnny Carson, and Ava Gardner, just to name a few. Mia Farrow even tapped the now 82-year-old famed astrologer to create a chart for her ideal wedding date to Frank Sinatra.
“We ran around together, and sometimes [Mia] would be making movies — I'd have Frank on one arm and [comedian] Joe E. Lewis on the other, going to restaurants and going out and meeting all the people and the celebrities we'd be with," Palmer says. She zestfully recounts the time Sinatra and Farrow picked her up along with Liza Minnelli to go to a big party at Sinatra’s parents’ house. “His mother and father made all this Italian food, and then his mother took Liza and me and Mia — we were the youngest of the crowd — up to the top floor and showed us a picture of Frank in the nude, when he was a baby! And then the three of us went into the bathroom to see who had the shortest hair.”
Since then, Palmer has done horoscopes for everyone from Dionne Warwick and Diane von Furstenberg to Glenn Close and Ryan O’Neal. Luckily for us, she’s still consulting celestial bodies and sharing her predictions with the world. Ahead, she divulges what summer has in store, just for us.