The Wardrobe Essentials Of The “New Brat Pack”

Every generation has its group of younglings that make headlines, grow a following, and make their elders slightly envious of their lifestyle. For convenience's sake, they're deemed the Brat Pack. The Instagram era follows the school of Jenner, Hadid, and Delevingne. Most recently, this group was deemed the brand-new Brat Pack in a splashyVogue shoot featuring Kendall, Gigi, and a man called Bieber. But what makes one worthy of this network? Famous pedigree, first off, which is then cemented by an uncanny ability to filter their lives onto the Internet to make the rest of us want in. We may not share their names (or follower counts), but we can copy some of their signature looks. Scroll down for a taste of their style and shop outfits inspired by the new Bratz. At the center of this posse is Kendall Jenner. She exists in that small universe that is the Kardashian Kin — the crown family of the American mainstream — but is also one of the most in-demand models in the high-end fashion industry. Luckily, the gateway between these two worlds has been opened up by her sister, Kim Kardashian West, so Kendall can hop between Chanel haute couture and mass-market retail collaborations with little difficulty. Her wardrobe is the perfect marriage of her worlds: a plethora of four- and five-digit price tags, sprinkled with high-street goods from normal teenage favorites like Topshop and H&M — all brought together by a mostly neutral, occasionally bright color palette.
Next of kin is Kylie Jenner, who at the ripe age of 17 has already fostered a social media fascination with everything she does. While sister Kendall might play it safe in her personal wardrobe, Kylie isn't afraid of a style risk or faux-pas. Double denim? She's done it. Daytime body-con? Even we've considered it after seeing Jenner don it out to lunch. The reality star is an expert at balancing out form-fitting silhouettes with baggier, edgier pieces that keep us talking.
Photo: Goodwin/WCP/Dunkin D/FAMEFLYNET
Kylie is wearing a Saint Laurent bag and Christian Louboutin shoes.
Another Vogue love child is Gigi Hadid. Unlike Kendall's gradual rise, Gigi's was meteoric — she burst on the scene over the past couple of fashion weeks and has won everyone over with her megawatt smile, California-babe waves, and sleek city-kid style: playful but never childish; sophisticated but never stuffy; slick but never forced. Hadid strikes that delicate balance that we wax poetic about, but that is so difficult to achieve IRL. She takes model-off-duty staples and mixes them with the fresh eyes and enthusiasm of someone who recently broke into the industry and is loving every second of it.
And of course, there's Cara: the oldest, wisest, most seasoned member of the gang. Delevingne has long charmed us with her unapologetically casual, boyish, low-key style — high-tops where other models would wear ankle boots, bomber jackets where others would perch sleek motos. And don't get us started on headgear. Cara may be limiting her time on the runway in favor of the silver screen, but we're still allowed glimpses into the off-duty wardrobe she's honed over the years.