10 Iconic Sex And The City Moments We'll Never Forget

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Seventeen years ago tomorrow, a red-lipped, tulle-wrapped Sarah Jessica Parker walked out onto a New York street, got splashed by a bus, and became Carrie Bradshaw. That moment changed the way women would look at the city — and television — forever. Entranced by the trials and tribulations of our favorite foursome (we're forever trying to determine if we're a Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, or Samantha), we rarely stop to wonder about the women who put Sex and the City into our worlds in the first place.

Cindy Chupack is a Golden Globe- and Emmy Award-winning writer who, along with her equally talented co-workers — Darren Star, Michael Patrick King, Jenny Bicks, Elisa Zuritsky, Liz Tuccillo, and Julie Rottenberg, to name a few — helped take SATC from thousands of words to millions of viewers. In honor of the show's anniversary, she opened up about the moments that have become the show's most memorable (and iconic), and the inextricable bond between "the girls" and their playground: New York City.

"New York is a wealth of humor and beauty and history and raw emotions," Chupack told Refinery29. "We were always gathering ideas and taking and giving back in a very mutually respectful way. What we learned from the city, we tried to give back to the city — a Valentine. Really, the entire series was a love letter to New York as much as it was to female friendship."

For us, that letter is still being written. Read on for ten amazing, revelatory reasons to keep loving New York (and SATC!) like crazy.

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