Beyoncé Or Solange? Bet You Can’t Tell

UPDATE: The Knowles sisters both have strong and distinct looks, but every now and then it's easy to see when they've been sharing inspiration. And, in honor of Solange's 29th birthday — that's today! — we're giving this quiz one more shot. Superfans, let us know if we can stump you.
This story was originally published on April 6, 2014.
We like to think we're the kind of Beyoncé and Solange fans who know a Knowles outfit when we see one. We've practiced all of Bey's signature poses (usually in the privacy of our own homes), and we've scrolled though Solange's Instagram account so long that our fingers have cramped. But we'd be kidding ourselves to think these ladies are predictable.
Sure, we've seen the pair wearing similar looks before, but, separately, each has her own distinct sartorial voice. Bey leans toward looks that are a bit more body-hugging, sleek, and have some flash, and Solange's wardrobe boasts indie designs, colorful patterns, and a bit of quirk. But, to be fair, no woman's signature style can be boiled down to just a few descriptives — especially not ladies like these who are far from amateurs when it comes to fashion.
So, to put your superfandom to the test, we've crafted a quiz to see if you can guess the sister in the 'gram. Can you tell when Bey has borrows a tip from her sis? Can you tell which Knowles is which? The answer lies ahead.

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