Mandy Moore Just Wore Your Summer Uniform To Run Errands

Photo: Splash News
Just because your hippie aunt lives in Birkenstocks and overalls doesn’t mean you can't, too. Both items, formerly relegated exclusively to the closets of organic farmers in Vermont, have made a recent resurgence. Not only are they exceptionally comfortable, but they also have a certain unlikely coolness. And, somehow they’re even radder worn together. 

Yesterday, Mandy Moore headed out to run errands in overalls, but unlike the onesies you’ve seen all season long, hers were black, cropped, and perfectly slouchy. Underneath, she wore a simple crewneck tee, which cleverly matched her sandals. These, of course, were no ordinary Arizonas. The bright white shade made her classic two-strap Birks extra noteworthy. She added one final fashion-girl touch in the form of an artfully-draped jean jacket. If you don’t already own every piece of this outfit, it’s time to fix that.   
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Photo: Splash News
Mandy Moore was photographed in L.A. in two must-have pieces for summer: overalls (you need black ones!) and Birkenstocks (you need white ones!).
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You’ll want to wear this linen one-piece every single day this summer (and consequently have the best summer ever).
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The perfect jacket to toss over your shoulders, tie around your waist, or, you know, just wear.
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It doesn’t get more classic than this — even the name says so.
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Nothing looks more fresh than white-on-white Birks. Bonus: They go with literally everything.
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A bucket bag is the purse equivalent of all-white Birkenstocks. In other words, you need one.
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Oversized cat-eye shades make everything so much better.

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