20 Awesome Behind-The-Scenes Shots You WON’T See At This Year’s Met Ball

Our favorite part of fashion's annual Met Ball isn't who's wearing what or who arrived with whom — it's seeing which celebs are snapping selfies with each other in the women's bathroom, or while getting down and going to town on the dance floor. 
Instagram has been the ultimate fuel for our party #FOMO in previous years, but Anna Wintour has different plans for tonight's soiree. According to the New York Post, Met Ball invitees were given a notice that reads: "The use of phones for photography and social media will not be permitted inside the gala." Aside from the fact that the Vogue editor in chief is openly anti-selfie, reportedly the magazine may also be hoping to keep footage of the documentary they're filming inside the event exclusive, rather than having party pictures plastered across social media.
There's no denying our evening of Met Ball stalking is going to be a little...well, bleak. To reminisce in the days of social saturation, we rounded up 15 of the most awesome celebrity 'grams from galas past. May the #selfie live on forever (or at least come back again next year).

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