Kendall Jenner’s Billboard Was Vandalized By A Drone

Alasdair McLellan for Calvin Klein, c/o REX USA
Vandalism is an age-old practice that dates back to the 5th century — and so long as there are new ways (and reasons) to wreak havoc on private property, the tradition will surely continue to innovate. Case in point: That gigantic Calvin Klein billboard featuring Kendall Jenner in NYC's Soho neighborhood? Wednesday night, a graffiti artist who calls himself KATSU gave it a little touch up, using red paint and a drone. This isn’t KATSU’s first vandalism rodeo. He made his mark (literally) on NYC’s ‘90s graffiti scene, and last year he gained attention for creating a video that demonstrated how to attach a spray paint canister to an off-the-shelf drone. KATSU isn’t attempting to remain under the radar, by any means. Following Wednesday’s stunt — which he recorded and shared online — the artist chatted with WIRED about the endeavor. “It turned out surprisingly well,” the man who calls himself KATSU said, adding that it was “exciting” to see the drone’s potential as a vandalism device. We can think of one person who probably isn’t thrilled about this turn of events. Kendall Jenner was reportedly psyched about booking this high profile board, and now it’s basically ruined. While we’re not planning to throw a pity party for the model and reality star, we’ll admit that it would stink to wake up and find out that your face was the frontier for exploring the limits of drone graffiti.