Kate Middleton's Wedding Hotel Inspired This Posh Luggage Set

Photo: Courtesy of The Goring x Globe-Trotter.

You know the drill: You go to baggage claim. You watch one standard black suitcase after another parade past you. You pick up each one, check the tag, place it back. You make a mental note to buy a bag that maybe isn't owned by every other person on the planet. 

Well, how about actually making that happen? We've got just the luggage set to help you make the transition from anonymous traveller to glamorous jet-setter and international person of mystery: Globe-Trotter's new collection, inspired by The Goring

The luxury London hotel — Kate Middleton and her family stayed there before the royal wedding — has inspired a limited-edition set of suitcases from the luggage company favored by Kate Moss and Emma Watson. Available in nine sizes, the cases evoke the hotel's decor via their color schemes (Colonial Brown & Ivory and Burgundy & Navy) and Gainsborough silk lining, the same silk used in The Goring's wall hangings. 

Prices start at $807, but the look of envy on your fellow passengers' faces as you glide through the terminal? Priceless. 

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