A 2-Year-Old Is Responsible For These $275 Printed Dresses

Photo: Courtesy of D. Efect.
Plenty of parents might boast that their child is an artistic genius — and usually, this means a prime spot on the mantel for a finger painting or lopsided paper mâché sculpture. But, after Egle Ziemyte, the creative director of the Lithuanian brand D. Efect, spotted her 2-year-old daughter Sonja's paintings, she decided that they were good enough to wear. In fact, her toddler's blue and black splattered designs eventually became a key motif in the label's spring 2015 collection.

Splashed across three styles, including a short-sleeved dress and a silky crewneck tee, the printed prints run for a lot more than your average macaroni necklace —  €120 to €255 (about $130 to $276). And, though the styles might be dreamt up by a toddler, these abstract prints are still totally on-trend this season, fitting in with the watercolor-inspired runway patterns from Mary Katrantzou, Victoria Beckham, and Christopher Kane. 

As Ziemyte told BuzzFeed, "I would like people to realize that there are no rules to what fashion or art is or is not. Why can't a painting of a toddler be considered as art?" While we doubt that kids will replace trained designers anytime soon, Sonja's creations are only the latest example of child's play becoming clothing. After all, J.Crew recently recruited 4-year-old Mayhem for a Crewcuts collab, and nobody can forget Angelina Jolie's choice to wear her children's illustrations on her Luigi Massi wedding veil. D. Efect is but the latest example that good taste and talent is ageless. (BuzzFeed)

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