22 Awesome Swimsuits That Are Already On Sale

Here in New York City, we might be in the midst of April showers — but soon enough, we’ll be posting poolside selfies while looking extra fly. And, while we’re on the subject of extra fly, the special sauce for optimum flyness is a swimsuit that we’re so into, we’re wearing it on the reg as a top, too — even when there’s no water in sight. 

Sure, we have a caboodle of bikinis and one-pieces already, but the occasional warm-weather vacations are about to turn into consistent Saturdays — you’re going to need to call in backup. To give you some fresh ideas, we’ve put together 22 of our favorite suits on the market right now. And, to make sure you don't spend too much of your paycheck on one single suit, all of these options are on sale for under $100. Click ahead to turn up the heat. 

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