Is Carey Mulligan Trying To Dethrone Beyoncé?

Extremely versatile actress Carey Mulligan can now add another character to her repertoire: born-again New Yorker. In a video parody Mulligan made withVogue, The Great Gatsby star renounces her U.K. citizenship and declares herself a lover of all things SoulCycle and dirty water dog.  "I've been here for three weeks now. That's a decent amount of time," Mulligan, who began a Broadway run on April 2, says from a very elegant upholstered hot seat at the Plaza Hotel. "I pretty much feel at home now." Mulligan then proceeds to exhibit the following survival skills as evidence of her street cred: -She brazenly solicits UberPool.
-She uses Citi Bikes as picnic tables. 
-She chills with Central Park break dancers.
-She pronounces "curtain" and "table" with excellent Northeast inflection.
-She asks "How you doin'?" like Joey Tribbiani
-She expresses her distaste for reckless taxi-driving even more distastefully.
-She's addicted to SoulCycle.
-She considers hot dogs an after-workout treat.
-She'll do anything for Mister Softee.
-She's a fair-weather Yankees fan.  If Mulligan's newfound expertise doesn't convince U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, we want her to know she's legit enough for us. With Beyoncé in L.A., we're desperately in need of a new queen of NYC.

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