All The Times Fashion (April) Fooled You Today

The fashion industry loves a grand reveal. We’re all about debuting the new, next, and most exciting collections, products, and unexpected collaborators. But, today we’re keeping our BS sensors on high alert. Because, if there’s anything we love more than spilling the details on an exciting announcement, it’s getting away with great April Fools' pranks. Today we’ve already seen a fair share of trickery — often on four legs. Scoll down for the best of ‘em.

The Window’s column “Locked In Barneys” went to the dogs. Literally, that is. Presenting “Licked In Barneys,” and likely one of the few times pups are encouraged to play with the covetable items in the Barneys shoe department.


You’re familiar with the concept of the It bag. Um, well this Kenneth Cole pouch ain’t exactly it. 
Fashionista broke the news that North West would be the first cover model for Vogue Kids' debut issue. Really, it wouldn't be such a shock if it were true, but alas, it's not.
Target’s #FannyBasket might be a joke, but we’re definitely not so against the idea of shopping while keeping our hands free. Joke or genius?
Rumor is it got pretty catty on set, so sadly this issue won't actually go to print.

He might be staring in PBS' Masterpiece series, “Mr. Selfridge,” but c’mon this Tweet is about as believable as Vincent Chase running for presidency.

Discover the Original Dog Boot, a new style coming soon for spring/summer 2015

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Hunter had us fooled (just for a moment) that they were starting to cater to a new, wrinklier demographic.

For the guy who loves a man-bun, but hates to, you know, wait for his hair to grow.

Rebecca Minkoff, designer/DJ/totally messing with you right now.

The Selfie Shoe replaces your selfie stick — and maybe your workout routine.

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