Ooh-La-La! Meet The Guys Of The Paris Metro On Instagram

First, they came for our love of books. Then they appeased our need for coffee. Now, the collective genius of the Instagram public has tackled another thing we've always needed and never knew it: the hot guys of the Paris Metro. MecsMetroParis, which began in February, is exactly as advertised (mecs=guys in French). And believe us, you do not need to parler français to understand how perfect this account is. It's like the semester in Paris you never got to take in college. (Even if you did take it, this one weeds out the creepos.) 
Sometimes, you may feel like an illicit voyeur browsing through photos of unsuspecting hotties ... and their scarves. Other times, the men are fully aware of their admiring photographers, cracking the kind of smiles that don't often light those underground train cars. Merci, Internet. Merci.      

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