Victoria Beckham's On-The-Go Outfit Is The Best Uniform

We get tired of our same old weekend getup. Headed to brunch? Jeans and a top. Out to dinner? Same thing. Off to drinks? You guessed it. Well, Victoria Beckham has the simple answer to a Saturday outfit upgrade that not only requires little extra effort, but will also keep your denim-blouse combo in the mix. The designer arrived at LAX in (now sold out) R13 black skinny jeans, a standard blouse, and Alaïa booties. But, it's the vest that made the outfit, well, an actual outfit. Top your ensemble with a waistcoat and you'll stand out from your crew while tipping back mimosas tomorrow. Feeling inspired? Shop Posh's look below and give your uniform the boost it needs. 

Victoria Beckham is wearing Alaïa booties.

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