McDonald’s Has Fashioned You A Big Mac Wardrobe

Maybe it was the vision of golden arches on the Moschino runway, or influencers wearing just the right shades of red and yellow that inspired McDonalds to explore its fashion potential. Or, maybe it was just the novelty of food on fabric and the possibility of making money. Either way, AdWeek reports the fast-food chain has released a lifestyle line featuring its beloved Big Mac in wearable form. 
Following an official fashion show with the Swedish national ski team — another McDonald's first — the massive chain introduced the Big Mac Shop. As the name suggests, offerings take inspiration from McD's most famous menu item and use it to cover a collection of loungewear, parkas, and rain boots for the Big Mac-loving guy or gal.  Along with the burger-covered wears, the Swedish site also includes products to furbish the home. There's Big Mac wallpaper — which we assume is not scratch-and-sniff — sheets, and an outfit for dogs. Although, we wonder if there's something a little unsettling about dressing your pet in an all-beef patty with special sauce. But, then again, considering how much controversy circles the quality of McDonald's food, these offerings may be its least unsettling of all. But, before you start adding burger-bedecked long underwear to your shopping cart, the goods won't ship to the U.S. — and they may be part of an elaborate prank. AdWeek notes that for 24 hours, McDonald's marketing team pulled off silly stunts in a number of cities. 

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