Joan Smalls Designed Jeans To Make Your Butt Look Great

 A lot of models we love have a slash in their job titles. Commonly, it’s model/actress, model/DJ, or in the case of Karlie Kloss, model/baker/computer coder/NYU student. That slash means some of the most commanding women on the runway have yet another major talent that makes them boss. Joan Smalls' foray into design is the latest example. Teaming up with True Religion, the Puerto Rican-born beauty is working on her first denim and basics collection, which speaks to her sense of personal style. Unsurprisingly, it spoke to ours, too.
The Joan Smalls x True Religion debut line is made up of 16 pieces that could compile your entire weekend wardrobe, but it’s got potential for dress-up, too. The jeans are high-waisted and slim — some in satin, if you’re fancy like that — and the tops are loose, cozy, with some cropped numbers thrown in. The common thread: They’re all undoubtedly Joan. Think of it as her off-duty model style, reinvented for the masses. As she tells us, it was her voice and her point of view that she was excited to express with this new career adventure.
As we sat down with the lovely, successful 26-year-old — just days after her last Paris runway appearance — we picked her brain about jeans that make your butt look good, her biggest style dilemma in high school, and how a popular Bruno Mars lyric ended up on her sweatshirt. Naturally, all the Joan Smalls x True Religion pieces — and a peek at the Smalls-fronted campaign — are ahead, too.