Does Blue Ivy Really Have An Entourage Take Her To Preschool?

Photo: Alo Ceballos/Getty Images.
With Beyoncé and Jay Z as parents, it's obvious Blue Ivy isn't your average preschooler. After all, not many kids make their on-stage MTV VMAs debut before their third birthday. Plus, her passport stamp collection — not to mention her extensive wardrobe — probably puts most adults to shame. But, according to In Touch, there's another way the stylish squirt is on a whole 'nother level — and some people aren't happy about it.
The magazine reports that an entire staff of people take the tyke to and from preschool every day — a "security motorcade" of no less than two cars and three bodyguards. They claim that parents are upset by the extra traffic outside of the West Hollywood school, not to mention the daily commotion Blue's entourage causes.  Apparently Will Ferrell's son, Axel, goes to the same preschool, but causes a lot less drama. In fact, the comedian usually handles drop-offs and pick-ups himself. Does it sound like Blue Ivy might be a little more high maintenance? Perhaps. But, really, when you have some of the most famous parents in the world, some extra security is probably more than warranted. Sheesh, just let the kid get her Play-Doh on in peace. (In Touch)