Is Anyone Really Surprised About Kanye’s High-Heel Booties?

Photo: Marc Piasecki/Getty Images.
By now, it should be apparent that Kanye West isn't afraid of anything, be it potentially pissing off his in-laws or hard-to-please critics. So, a few blisters and an achey arches are child's play, as Kanye demonstrated while stepping out with Kim to attend the Givenchy show on March 8. Kanye's already been rocking suede desert-style Chelsea boots for seasons now, and these boots with a two-inch heel are simply the next logical step. We did a little digging online, and while we're not sure who makes West's calf-high pair, they look a little like a hybrid between an Ann Demeulemeester velvet with a Saint Laurent shape, and a dash of Rick Owens man heel. Owens himself is a big proponent of wearing heeled booties, and we're sure that when fashion boys get together for a kiki around a petrified-wood coffee table, a little shop talk and style-tip swapping is bound to happen. The Internet, of course, is freaking out, because — men in heels! Such a thing! But, we're feeling Kanye's Desert Prince of Luxury mood, and we're looking forward to explaining to our parents why this nice man is wearing high heels. (We already had practice explaining why this same nice man was wearing a skirt about a year ago.) So, stand tall, stand proud, and reach for the stars, Kanye. Like they say, if you miss, you'll land somewhere in the New Arrivals section of SSense.

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