Kanye’s New Kim Song Is Kinda Sexist, Kinda Romantic

How do you take it when your rap star husband writes a song professing that you "look too good to be at work"? Do you blush profusely, pop a bonbon in your mouth, and thank your lucky stars there's no prenup? Or, do you smack him upside the head and remind him that you've got a multimillion-dollar brand, thank you very much? Only Kim Kardashian West knows for sure. The reality star is the muse behind Kanye West's new track, "Awesome," which is equal parts sweet and eye-rollingly sexist, based on its lyrics. Loverboy gets props for telling his wife to ignore the haters and "don't let nobody bring you down." Maybe that'll help her overlook the bits about coming inside her (ew barf ew) and calling her "dessert." The song also seems to include a dig at Kris Jenner's expense. "You don't need to listen to your manager / You're way too hot for them to handle you" — that's all well and good until you remember that Kris is her momager. Then again, being mentioned in a Kanye song for whatever reason seems like just the sort of thing KJ would put on her tombstone.  Judge for yourself whether "Awesome" is worth swooning over. The leaked track is below.

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