VH1’s Newest Leading Lady Reveals Her Favorite L.A. Spots

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images.

'90s: That glorious time of new Full House episodes, Beanie Babies,
scrunchies, and OG Backstreet Boys. Ever wish you could experience the
decade again? Then Laura Ramsey is living out your dream.

As the star of VH1's new scripted series Hindsight,
Ramsey is knee-deep in nostalgia every
day on set. The best part about working on a '90s-redux show? "I get to
wear a Discman, and I get to
have a cool wardrobe; my prop is a pager," she told us. As fun as they are, it's not
just the accessories she loves about the series. "As an actor, it’s such an
amazing opportunity to play a role where you
go through so many different obstacles and character arcs, so it's a
nice challenge for me," she says.

Ahead of tonight's season-one finale of Hindsight,
we chatted with Ramsey about her favorite L.A. spots. Including everything from what local
restaurant she used to work at to where she scores that perfect shade of blonde, the "fact sheet" ahead will help you get to know this breakout star — and prepare you to see more of her in the future.  And, if you haven't yet, don't forget to catch up on old episodes of Hindsight before season one bows.

Favorite girls’-night-out restaurants:
"I really love and always have
loved the little restaurant Pace in Laurel Canyon. I like it
because you feel out of California; you feel like you’re in your own
little world, nestled into the canyon. 
in Venice is a nice little spot if you want to get dressed up and go to
the scene. It’s pretty scene-y there. But, it’s also amazing food and
amazing atmosphere."

Favorite happy-hour special: "
I’m just going to put a
good word in for where I used to work. It’s called Cabo Cantina on
Sunset Boulevard. They have a really fun, good happy hour. It’s been a
while since I’ve done happy hour, but I remember going
there and also working there. You can get a really good deal, like
two margaritas for very little money."

Favorite shop for dresses
: "Anything vintage. There’s a place in Topanga Canyon called Hidden Treasures that I really love."

Favorite hair salon: "
The Harlot in Venice. I love walking in and being taken away from my life for a minute. They have a lot
of fun with doing your hair. They’re all chemists, so they know fun
different colors, and they’re up with the times. They’re very
in the know about the cool hairstyles that are happening. Everyone’s
really nice there."

Favorite movie theater: "
I like The Sunset Five [now called Sundance Sunset] if you’re in
West Hollywood. But, I also always go to the one in the Santa Monica