Willow & Jaden Smith Relate Their Personal Styles To Superheros, Nomads

When you saw Jaden Smith dressed in a white Batman getup at the Kardashian-West wedding celebration, your initial thought may have been that he was looking for some attention. We've seen our teenage relatives at weddings before, we know how it goes. But, as the 16-year-old explained in a recent interview with Billboard magazine, his style is in fact always inspired by superheroes, down to his preferred "long drapey" clothes. His sister (and oft fellow interview subject) Willow, on the other hand, calls herself a "high-fashion nomad." Needless to say, the siblings' approach to personal style isn't exactly what you'd expect from typical teenagers.
The son and daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have never been ones to give the most conventional, expected, or comprehensible of interviews — and this latest profile of the twosome is no exception. Indeed, the pair's special brand of quirk is on full display. "I could literally climb a mountain and survive a couple nights in nature," 14-year-old Willow, the self-proclaimed nomad told Billboard. "That's a requirement for my clothes because one day I was on the freeway and I saw a mountain, so I literally just pulled over and climbed it."
We wonder if the super-fringed boots and pretty, printed matching set she wears in the editorial, styled by Billboard's ​fashion​ editor Tasha Green, are up for such an rigorous adventure. Our guess? Probably so. If there's anything we've learned from these siblings, it's not to assume we have them, or their controversy-sparking ensembles, entirely figured out. Click ahead for a preview of the full story in Billboard's upcoming issue.

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