You'll Wish You Thought Of This Kanye Instagram Account First

Love him or hate him, there’s one thing we can say about Kanye West with certainty: He’s a style risk-taker. Whether that means matching cleavage with this wife, performing in a Givenchy skirt, or presenting an Adidas collection that's heavy on body stockings, his approach to personal style keeps us talking, even when we might not necessarily agree with it. But, we think this latest Kanye Instagram will prove to be entertaining for fans and foes alike.

The name of the account — Kanye Is Fashion — isn't something West has ever said verbatim (that we know of, at least). The feed presents Mr. Kim Kardashian in a series of zany outfits. But, instead of his usual unexpected choices, the account imagines him in such ensembles as printed onesies, low-cut, chunky knits, and even a drop-crotch jumpsuit. Naturally, the images are paired with their very own imaginary Kanye rants — although, admittedly we enjoy the real ones much better.

While the design enthusiast is bound to pop up all over Paris this coming week, we wonder if style stalking him through these fictional looks may prove even more satisfying. After all, where else can you see the man in a three-headed-teddy-bear getup and a matching sweater-and-beret set?   

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