Plus-Size Tights Worthy Of Winter In NYC

Just because it's dipped below 30 degrees doesn't mean I'm living in pants until spring. And, while wearing skirts and dresses with no tights might be considered a status symbol among fashion folks with car services at their beck and call, our bank accounts are far from Wintour-level. That means we've got two choices: tights, or stems that turn into legs-cicles.

But, with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know which pairs are worth your hard-earned money (read: those that won't snag on the first wear). I have an entire drawer filled with black tights, and this winter they've been put through their paces. Having survived many bitter-cold days and nights in leg-bearing ensembles, I'm pretty confident I know what makes hosiery worthy of your legs — and which brands actually stand up to winter in New York.

Keep reading to see how some of the best-known brands fared when I put them to the test.
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Lane Bryant Fleece Tights
In terms of warmth and comfort, these were the winner. They kept me toasty even while commuting in icy temps, but I wasn't overheated in the office. There's no compression, so they're mega-comfy. The only negative is that they slipped down a little over the day, causing me to do the pants pull-up wiggle (you know the one). They're snuggly soft, and even though they're made of a knit material, they haven't developed any runs or pilling, even after multiple wears.
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Torrid Cable Knit Tights
Another cozy pick, Torrid's cable-knit style kept my legs from freezing, even while trudging through flurries and blistering winds. They offer a surprising amount of compression and support, as the knit actually stops thigh-high, and the rest of the tights are a more traditional, slimming style. They're soft and comfy, and there was nary a snag after multiple wears.
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We Love Colors Plus Size Tights
We Love Colors not only has sizes that fit up to 375 pounds, it also has one of the largest varieties of color and design options on the market — an A+ in my mind.

These were super-easy to slip on — no struggling to yank up my thighs. And, they stayed up all day with no sagginess at all, but also no real compression to speak of. While I chose classic black to test the opaqueness (super opaque), this specific style comes in 50 other shades — I love that you can really express yourself with such a simple accessory.
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SPANX Tight-End Tights
SPANX is known for its slimming abilities, so it was no big surprise when these blew the competition away with their compression. All my lines were smooth and you could have bounced a quarter off my tight stomach, but by the end of the workday I was ready to peel myself out of them, ASAP.

The opaqueness is no joke — since they're reversible, you get double the thickness so there's no worry about them looking sheer — and that extra layer of material really keeps your tootsies toasty on chilly days.

Even though they ring up at the steepest price, $40, the transformational style does offer two shades for the price of one, making them a smart splurge.
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Old Navy Knit Tights
I'm usually an Old Navy fan, but these tights were a disappointment. According to their size chart, I should have fit the 1X-2X with no issue, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. I managed to smash myself into the size 3X-4X (which is supposed to fit 120 pounds more than what I weigh), but it wasn't comfortable. And, by the end of the night, I had developed a large run in one leg.

Considering that Old Navy's non-plus tights have great reviews, hopefully it can retool this design and bring them up to the same level.

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