Plus-Size Tights Worthy Of Winter In NYC

Just because it's dipped below 30 degrees doesn't mean I'm living in pants until spring. And, while wearing skirts and dresses with no tights might be considered a status symbol among fashion folks with car services at their beck and call, our bank accounts are far from Wintour-level. That means we've got two choices: tights, or stems that turn into legs-cicles.
But, with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know which pairs are worth your hard-earned money (read: those that won't snag on the first wear). I have an entire drawer filled with black tights, and this winter they've been put through their paces. Having survived many bitter-cold days and nights in leg-bearing ensembles, I'm pretty confident I know what makes hosiery worthy of your legs — and which brands actually stand up to winter in New York.
Keep reading to see how some of the best-known brands fared when I put them to the test.

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