You Need To See This Preen Dress Up Close

Photo: Courtesy of Preen.
Sometimes, you need to stop and smell the roses. During the what’s-next-what’s-next chaos of Fashion Week, that's something many folks forget to do, whether we’re experiencing the shows in the front row or through a computer screen. We all need our daily reminders to pause and appreciate what's in front of us. Today’s comes from Natalie Joos, who got up close and personal with the blossoms at Preen.    On the runway, the floral dresses were beautiful in a spirited, sporty way that was much more about moxie than it was about “pretty.” Preen has always been a master at giving delicate things bite and adding softness to the severe, and the flowers on their dresses and skirts were served up like a shield of armor.   But, if you get up close, as Joos did, you can see the petals were created with intricate folds of tulle and stitching. With sprays of embroidered baby’s breath, pollen-covered pistils, and layered cornflowers and hydrangeas, the fine details are even more stunning to behold up close. This kind of 3-D embellishment has been a trend for a few seasons, but few versions have knocked the air from our lungs like Preen's. So take a moment if you haven’t already, and lean in close…

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