We Dare You To Do The Ultimate Fashion Don’t: Nude Pantyhose

You would think that after spending half a year with your legs under wraps, they’d look pristine — but, in fact, exactly the opposite is true. Without spending any QT with a razor, a tub of moisturizer, and a real-life Hefe filter (anyone got one of those?), leaving the house with bare legs right now is out of the question, especially during this chilly time of year. All of which begs the question: Why aren’t nude pantyhose a thing?
Flesh-colored legs lengthen your limbs in ways opaque black tights can’t. But, nude pantyhose have gotten a bad rap as the go-to option when someone feels like they need to look “professional” but also wants to "show off" some skin. They toe a weird line between modest and sexy that feels slightly creepy (like your mom’s older sister, after three cocktails).
That’s not to say that nude pantyhose can’t work — like they did on the ‘70s-sports-star-meets-couch-potato Mother of Pearl runway, where we were pleasantly surprised to see how — dare we say — cool they looked with ruffled, printed midi-length hems and white ankle socks. The trick is to only let them show in small measures. When you’re just showing a flash of shin, go for the nudies — for any look that's more leggy, you should stick with basic black. We actually prefer it when hose are a shade lighter or darker than your natural skin tone, so the effect is more deliberate. The socks that Mother of Pearl styled them with are also essential — no bunchy, flesh-colored ankles, please! Click ahead to see the ultimate fashion don't done right. 
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