New Service Will Make Stuffed Replicas Of Your Pet

Pet people know that the only thing better than snuggling their little fur friend would be snuggling two fur friends. A new company called Cuddle Clones knows this, and would love nothing more than to make stuffed replicas of your pet so that you can have double the cuddles with only half the pooper-scooping.
It's pretty easy. All you have to do is send Cuddle Clones a picture of your pet and provide some basic info. Then, you can choose customization options, like your pet's ear and tail positions. A few days later, you'll have a stuffed animal that looks a lot like your favorite little companion.
For dogs, cats, horses, and "other large pets," the replicas go for $199. For guinea pigs, rabbits, and "other small pets," you're looking at $129. What's especially enjoyable is that Cuddle Clones posts pictures of some of the pets and their replicas on its Instagram account. So, even if you don't own a pet, you can just peruse the cute animals everyone else owns. 
Ahead, some of Cuddle Clones' cuteness at work.  

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