Your Clothes May Soon Be Made With Fish, Fruit, & Spiders

By now it should be obvious that green fashion isn’t just for the fringe anymore. Creating and buying sustainable clothing and accessories has gone from a grassroots idea to a major industry-wide priority. There's mass market (like H&M’s Conscious Collection), niche labels (Heidi & Adele, which makes the salmon-skin wallets shown here), and high-end designers (like Stella McCartney) already on board, and this is clearly only the beginning.
According to Telegraph, there’s just been a major breakthrough in the search for sustainability — but be warned, the findings are a little bit weird, even if you were totally unfazed by the introduction of fish skin as a luxe alternative to conventional leather. The site reports that designers are also looking into materials such as recycled eel skin, Pinatex (a fabric made of pineapples), and even DIY vegetable leather (made of green tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast) as possibilities to replace the real thing.
Other unexpected fabrics that might be making their way into your closet soon include Spiber, a high-tech silk made of, yes, spiders, and Fabrican, a sprayable fabric, which are both being tested for commercial use. No word yet on when these materials will make their debut in stores, but keep an eye out — and a leg or eight. (Telegraph)

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