The New Secret To Sustainable Fashion Comes From The Sea

We already know that fish is good for your diet, your teeth, your hair, and your skin. But, what about your closet? The newest font of sustainable fashion just might be swimming undersea, and major designers are already hopping on the bandwagon — er, boat?
The Guardian reports that demand for fish has exploded over the last several decades, in part due to the aforementioned health benefits. But, this increase in production means plenty of leftovers, with about 90 pounds of fish skin being discarded for every ton of fish filets produced. In the past, unused fish skin would be dumped back into the water or be recycled into food for other animals.
However, companies have discovered another way to utilize this fishy byproduct: transforming the skin into leather. Brands like Nike, Dior, and Prada have begun incorporating the shimmery coating into shoes, bags, and even iPhone covers.
Not only is fish leather surprisingly versatile — it can be used solo or combined with regular leather — its softness, shiny finish, and durability appeals to luxury designers. And, perhaps even better, it’s one way to satisfy the uptick in the leather market with materials that are currently available, rather than relying on additional animal cruelty. The resource might be supplying to a niche market now, but judging from its potential (and hopefully more PETA-friendly practices), this is only the beginning. (The Guardian)

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