This Is Why Kendall Jenner Skipped The Victoria’s Secret Show

It's almost ironic that the one runway show that most people worldwide are the most familiar with is basically dedicated to the concept of not wearing clothes. And, pulling that off is no small feat. The fitness and diet requirements placed on the Victoria's Secret show's models are infamous; attendees traveled to London; and the designers, well, let's talk about that 88-pound bra. But, just a few hundred miles away was another runway show, and for industry heavy-hitters, which show you attended — Swift or Salzburg — said something about what kind of fashion person you consider yourself to be. So, guess which one Kendall Jenner went to?
For Chanel's Métiers D'Arts Paris-Salzburg show held in Austria, the mood was just as theatrical and grandiose (give or take a feather). Paying homage to the origins of the Chanel jacket (they were inspired by the hotel page uniforms at the Mittersill Hotel in Salzberg) as well as Lagerfeld's own Germanic roots, the show was a hodgepodge of Austrian, German, and Swiss symbols. It was The Sound of Music on steroids.
Another person who knows a thing or two about belonging in a large showbiz family is Jenner. Wearing a Rolf-meets-Liesl outfit consisting of a brocade jacket, neck ruff, lace-up suede boots, and a modern riff on lederhosen, she looked the polar opposite of an angel, but no less fairy-tale-like. Her second outfit consisted of a black tulle dress complete with Chanel-snowflake spangles and sheer elbow gloves. Fellow model friend Cara Delevingne wore an Alpine granny get-up complete with yarn-embroidered flowers (which gave the signature Chanel "quilting" concept a whole new spin), and others sported festive red-and-green knits, Swiss dot tights, trachten hats, pheasant feathers, and headphones that were constructed to look like braided milkmaid buns. Click through to see all the looks from the pre-fall collection, and let us know if you've forgotten about that glitzy bra by the end.

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