Prepare For A Gillian Jacobs Take-Over

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Gillian Jacobs is hardly a one-trick pony. Many of you already know and love her as Britta Perry on Community, but in the next few months you're going to be seeing a whole lot more of her.
Up first is her indie flick with Leighton Meester, Life Partners, which opens in theaters on Friday. And, next year, Jacobs has a role in Hot Tub Time Machine 2, a guest spot on the upcoming season of Girls, and she will star in the forthcoming Judd Apatow-produced Netflix series Love. Oh, and we're eagerly awaiting season 6 of Community, too. Phew! Is there anything this girl can't do?
Read on to catch up on all of her projects — including the ones that everyone's being tight-lipped about!
Life Partners features two strong female leads. Was it important to you to be in a female-centered movie?
It's so rare, so it was really exciting to be in a film where the two leads were women. And, they're not fighting over a guy. The conflict isn't centered around competing for a man's affection or attention. And, to play two complicated, flawed, hilarious women is really wonderful — to show women nuanced and in detail is just great." 

The movie is about female friendships. What's the dynamic like between you and your closest friends?
"Well, I lived in New York for college and moved out to L.A. for Community, so I feel like a lot of my friendships became long distance. So, I have newer friendships in L.A. that I’ve developed. But, I like the friends that you can be your goofiest and silliest and least-judged with."
How do you make sure a significant other doesn't come between you and your friends?
"It's hard to strike a balance. It's hard when you're very busy professionally with a lot of obligations. But, I’m trying to get better and better. Even just texting and saying 'Hi, I’m thinking of you' can go a long way if you can't actually get together."
What was it like working with the now-married duo of Leighton Meester and Adam Brody?
"They weren't married at the time, they were dating. But, it was great. I've known Adam for a couple of years. This is our third movie together, although this is the first one where we've actually had scenes together. So, Adam I knew, but Leighton I'd never met. But, it was really great, because I feel like she and I had an instant friend chemistry. They're very chill and laid-back people, so it was not nearly as awkward as it could have been playing the on-screen fiancé of your off-screen friend's real boyfriend."
Do you have any funny stories from the set?
"I wish I was like George Clooney and I pulled pranks and everything, so I would have really awesome answers to that question. It was more just a generally fun vibe of us hanging out together and being goofy. I can't point to one specific day where I hid her bra in the freezer or something. But, it was a fun set to be on. Sometimes you don't want to get up and go to work, and this was definitely a movie where I wanted to work every day.

Do you see some similarities with your character and yourself?
"Definitely. I think I can be a little uptight. I definitely have a need to be right and win in arguments, which I'm trying to let go of. Some of the fights my character gets into with her mother and her boyfriend sounded eerily familiar to me from my own life. But, I'm trying to get better at that stuff."
What can you tell us about your role in the upcoming Hot Tub Time Machine 2?

"I play Adam Scott's girlfriend in the film — he and I are sort of the new additions to the movie. So, it was really fun to join something that's already been established, to be in a sequel to a movie people already love and respond to. Hot Tub Time Machine has a very passionate fan base, I've discovered."
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What was it hard to jump into the second movie since you weren't in the original?
Well, thankfully I knew all the guys socially already— Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, and Clark Duke. So, I had that familiarity with them, but I've only ever worked with Rob Corddry before. I felt like they're so on their game when they're together that it's fun to be around them, and fun to be in their orbit. I had a great time."
We're excited for the new season of Girls. Is it true that you're Adam Driver's new love interest?

"Oh, I don’t know. We shot so long ago, I forgot what my character was. I think we'll have to wait and see when the season airs!"

Ha! Okay, what was it like working on the show?

"I had a great time on the show. It was so fun to be back in New York where I used to live, but working this time — gainfully employed as opposed to broke and sleeping on a chair that folded out onto a bed. And, working in the summer in New York is about as blissful as it gets. So, I had a really wonderful time."
What can we expect from season 6 of Community?
I don’t know yet, I've only read one script. Probably more of the same if you like us, and if you don’t like us, it's going to be completely different and you'll really enjoy this season!"
Will season 6 definitely be the last?

"Who knows. At this point, everything has happened to the show and we're still going, so I'd be foolish to count Community out. But, the hashtag is #sixseasonsandamovie, so I think the next important thing to do after this season is make the movie."
Can you tell us about your upcoming Netflix series?
It's starring Paul Rust and myself. It's written by Paul and Lesley Arfin and produced by Judd Apatow. And, it's called Love, so I guess it's going to be about love."

What's the benefit of doing a Netflix show vs. network or cable TV?
Well, they picked us up for two seasons right off the bat, so that's a lot better than doing a network show where you make a pilot and make nine episodes and hope to get a full season. You're kind of waiting and anxious all the time. It's kind of incredible to know that I have that job for two seasons right off the bat. And, they're going to write the whole season before we start shooting, which I think is a great way to be able to do to TV because you know where you're headed. So far, everyone's been very nice and supportive over there. So, I'm excited."

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