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The Best Camel Coat, According To Math

Closet basics tend to be items found in bulk. Just think about the number of white T-shirts or dark wash slim-fit jeans that you own. They’re the kind of items you know are in your closet already but should you come across another that you like...hey, does it hurt to have another? It’s a philosophy that makes most sense for those with expendable resources or closet space, but for the rest of us, it’s always quality, not quantity, that runs our basics game. And, with that in mind, we asked Rank & Style to track down the very best camel coat we could buy.
As far as we’re concerned, a camel-colored topper is timeless. While color trends may ebb and flow, the neutral shade remains a constant fixture — it's flattering on almost every skin tone, and feels fresh while also remaining classic. And, in the search for nailing down this season's must-buy, the e-commerce perusers have placed ASOS' Cocoon Coat at the top of its list. In an oversized shape, the winning coat has earned the most buzz and popularity, according to Rank & Style's numbers. However, we're most into this option because of its slouchy shape that gives off instant warm and cozy vibes. Plus, due its easy-to-toss-on shape, this math-selected option makes for a perfect every day topper that can be worn as well with cashmere sweaters as it can with leggings or even a cocktail dress for all those holiday fêtes.
ASOS currently offers its Cocoon style in tall sizes, in addition to tones of light blue and pink — in case pastels are your version of a neutral. Click over to ASOS now if your interest is piqued. The tall camel is ready to be scooped up, but the average length has been such a popular buy, you'll have to wait until it restocks.