Kendall Jenner Debuts A Lob…On Justin Bieber’s Instagram

If you're a celebrity, there are a handful ways you could announce your new hairdo to the world. You could debut it on the red carpet, go on Jimmy Fallon, or post a photo to Twitter. But, if you're Kendall Jenner, none of these options has enough pizzazz. For her announcement, Kendall chose an Instagram video — on Justin Bieber's account, no less.
We can imagine the way this conversation went down: "Hey Justin, how funny is it that our coffee cups are different sizes? We should make a video of it, and then subtly show off my sorta-kinda haircut. Hilarious!"
To be fair, it's really hard to see Kendall's hair in the video above. It looks like it's about shoulder-length, but the camera pans up for a split second before cutting out. So, we're going on about two seconds of video here. But, if our spidey senses are correct, the second-youngest Jenner gal has got herself a shoulder-grazing lob. That, or she's tucked the rest of her hair into her sweater. Again, it's hard to tell.
If anything's certain, it's that Kendall made a smart move tapping the Biebs for her announcement. It almost distracted us from her sister's greased-up booty. Almost.

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