Taylor Swift Makes A Case For The Cold-Weather Crop Top

We've established that Taylor Swift still really appreciates a good bargain, even though she just scored the biggest record sales week since 2002 and could buy everything in Topshop a hundred times over. But, while some things never change — her love of fast-fashion, in this case — Swift's style appears to be evolving right along with her discography.
This weekend, she was photographed at Tokyo's Narita Airport wearing a tight, cropped sweater, an $80 steal from Aritzia, and high-waisted jeans complete with jaunty suspenders. It's a pretty unexpected get-up for the singer, who tends to shy away from anything edgy and has a well-documented aversion to showing her bellybutton.
The takeaway? Don't be afraid to experiment when it comes to style; this look's a total success story. The top — ultra girly with its pony-intarsia detail — gets a nice menswear spin from the tailored pants, while the understated accessories keep things from looking like she stepped out of an Urban Outfitters ad. See where you can pony up for the pieces, just ahead.