Instagram Tips From Fashion’s Most Famous Party Photographer

If you’ve ever been to a fashion party, then you’ve probably been snapped by Patrick McMullan. For decades now, the legendary New York photographer has captured all the best moments and major players at industry events: from supermodels to editors, to a young Leo DiCaprio. This is a guy who knows how to get the perfect shot. We may not all be as skilled as he is with a camera, but McMullan has Instagram tips that anyone can use.
As the photographer told Fashionista at the recent celebration of his exhibit The Faces of Fashion, the key to getting a good selfie is using the dreaded flash:
"If the flash isn’t on, it’s always out of focus, and my hand shakes [while taking the selfie] and I’ve done this 50 times and it’s always out of focus — and then they say 'take another one,'" he said.
If all else fails, MacMullan says the real trick to Insta success lies in the #latergram. “I download the picture and make sure everybody looks good, because I can’t tell when it’s that small whether they look good," he explained. "So, I’ll do the Instagram from the computer where I can see and I can spell because I can’t spell." See? Captions matter, and auto-correct disasters happen to the best of us.
As tempting as it may be to post your Halloween group selfies the moment they happen tonight, don't be afraid to 'gram it later to make sure you got the most flattering shot. Chances are, you (and your friends) will be glad you did. (Fashionista)

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