A Guide To Every Slang Term You Need To Know

Ugh, you just did it again. You promised yourself for the 19th time that you’d eliminate “can’t even” from your vocabulary, but now you’re “literally dying” because you keep saying it. We’ve all picked up slang from our “baes” and caught ourselves responding to anything and everything with the same fatigued commentary. But, thanks to i-D magazine, we can now bask in our overused-phrase glory. That’s right, we’re going “H.A.M.” “extra H.A.M” on the mag's latest A-to-Z video, The A-Z of Slang.
The cheeky British fashion glossy brought us the A-Z of Dance, the A-Z of Pronunciation, and now it has gifted us the alphabet of the jargon we hate ourselves for repeating, but we can’t stop (won’t stop) using. There’s a mix of abbreviations, like “whatevs,” acronyms like “FOMO,” and everyday verbal essentials like “normcore." Some of the words lend themselves to ironic hashtags — think “casual,” where the less casual something is the more #casual it becomes. There are also a handful of expressions that are new to the American lexicon. Take "untold,” for example, which i-D says is “used to describe something completely unbelievable."
On top of its hilariously accurate grasp of 2014 lingo, The A-Z of Slang, directed by Niall Kenny, features equally amusing graphics by Fergus Purcell and Marc Jacobs.
Keep up the good work, i-D! You guys are “KILLIN’ it.”

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