This New App Lets You Make Phone Calls From Your Shoes

What an age we live in. You can use a bracelet to track your fitness, a watch to send emojis, and a phone to figure out the name of that movie that stars that guy. But so far, the rise in "smart" accessories has mostly been limited to things you can wear on your wrists and hands, while the rest of our wardrobes remain resolutely dumb. Well, that's about to change.
A creative agency named iStrategyLabs has recently unveiled a system called "Dorothy," which aims to make your shoes as smart as your phone. Dorothy consists of a "ruby," a small, Bluetooth-enabled device that slips into any pair of shoes, and a smart phone app that receives signals from it.
Any time you click your heels together three times (just like a certain far-from-home Kansan we all know), the system triggers a call to your phone from a fake contact — thus saving you from an awkward Tinder date or unwanted conversations with random strangers (or, you know, your family). Dorothy can also send a text message to your contacts with your exact location, making it pretty handy in case of emergency, or if you just can't find each other outside the bar. Dorothy's just in prototype right now, but iStrategyLabs hopes to make the system work to call you an Uber by clicking your heels.
Watch the video below, and be amazed at the myriad communications that no longer require calling someone. In the future, there will be no words, only very smart garments and a series of complicated, Irish-jig-style dances. Hallelujah! (iStrategyLabs)

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