This Topshop Choker Is Legitimately Terrifying

embedPhoto: Courtesy of Topshop.
Like clockwork, come October clothing stores fill up with Halloween-themed goods that are more "spooky kid" than super-scary. But, only the most wussy-like squeamish among us would be creeped out by eyeball ankle socks and a zombie George Costanza sweatshirt.
That's why we have to hand it to Topshop for creating this genuinely terrifying choker that makes the wearer appear as if their throat has been fashionably slit. If you're looking to bring nausea and a sense of discomfort to everyone you meet this Halloween season, your go-to has arrived.
Of course, Topshop has been on the choker revival tip for a few months now. And, while we still think they've gotten pretty expensive since the rubber necklaces we used to buy for two quarters from the supermarket vending machine, the horror potential of this one thoroughly justifies its cost in our minds.
Want to do an Isadora Duncan or Anne Boleyn costume, but are useless with a makeup wheel? Consider the hard part of your costume done. Just, please, don't wear it after November 1st, okay? We're not sure we can handle the '90s revival getting this real.

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