8 Urban Legends You Were Right To Believe

Four days out from Halloween is no time to myth-bust. This week is a time to indulge in the creepy-crawly weirdness in the world. Urban legends are generally a letdown: There are no alligators in the subway, the Pop Rocks will not kill you, and the call is probably not coming from inside the house. When's the last time someone actually called you, anyway?
But, plenty of these classic myths are actually true — and the truth is often more ghastly and macabre than the fiction. Even more interesting is how some of these fables originated. Myths have to start somewhere, and oftentimes it's a dark chapter in history or a strange effect of our own minds. Sometimes, the boogeyman is real. Sometimes, those campfire stories and old wives tales were right to scare the bejesus out of you. You may have had some sleepless nights over these spooky tales, but your nightmares were not in vain.
And, that face you saw in the bathroom mirror? You weren't imagining it.

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