Can You Guess Which Fashion Editors These Are Supposed To Be?

We've never been good at goodbyes. But, when Jean Paul Gaultier bows out with a fashion blow-out, we'll unpack our hankies for the evening. Saturday night, the designer put on what would be his last ready-to-wear runway show before a crowd of nearly 3,000 and paid homage to everything he loves about the industry, including his favorite fashion editors.
Gaultier is shuttering his line in favor of focusing on haute couture and fragrance, but his impact on the fashion landscape has been profound, injecting both a provocateur POV and lighthearted whimsy into collections that defined some of the most iconic moments in recent sartorial history. Among his madcap lineup of Lucha libres, a Madonna-esque denim parade, and sexpot older ladies was an homage to six magazine women close to Gaultier's heart. These contemporary fashion editors all played integral roles in building, supporting, and promoting Gaultier's vision, and this was a sweet, sweet gesture in return. Indeed, it's a bittersweet moment, and, at the risk of sounding trite: We hate to see him go, but really, we did love watching him go out with a bang.
Click through to find out which six iconic editors made the cut, and see if you can guess who they are from their model doppelgängers (don't worry, the answers are in the slideshow, too!).

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