Is This The Most #Instaworthy Gallery Opening Ever?

These days, for better or for worse, an event's success is measured by its level of Instagram-worthiness. And, by that yardstick, Honor Fraser Gallery's bash for its newest exhibition was a major win.
New York-based artist KAWS hosted the event himself — the very first artist-led meetup in L.A. (and a huge score for the gallery). For his latest exhibition, entitled "Man's Best Friend," he manipulated animated cartoons and comic strip icons like Snoopy and Charlie Brown and gave them his signature, stylized touch. To celebrate the opening, he gave a group of L.A.'s top Instagrammers an exclusive first peek at the new exhibition. Among them: blogger Rachel Nguyen of That's Chic and photographer Sara Cath Pierce.
The result, as you can imagine, was an influx of ridiculously #Instagood snaps — the best of which we're sharing right here. (You can officially kiss that FOMO goodbye.)
Ahead, a look at the rad exhibition through the filtered lenses of our city's elite 'grammers.

Hang on Snoopy...

So meta.

"The man and his work," Sara 'grammed.

We're in love with this painting's ultra-bright colors.

Black-and-white Charlie Brown.

Minimalist black-and-white never looked so good.
How cool are these two?

A piece of art turned photo-op.