“DILFs Of Disneyland” Is Like A Hot-Dad Heat Map

On our planet, there exists a niche-but-powerful collection of dads who are really, really good-looking. Though these phenomena can theoretically pop up anywhere, a new Instagram account is showing hot dads in their true, natural habitat: Disneyland.
Dilfs of Disneyland is all studs with strollers, all the time. They're wearing BabyBjörns while waiting in line for the Dumbo ride. They're holding the hands of their six-year-old daughters, who are dressed as Cinderella and Jasmine. They are backpack-wielding babe magnets with kids on their hips.
There's probably some fancy, scientific reason we find dads kind of hot. Maybe it has something to do with biology, or something. Maybe we have a basic human instinct to be attracted to people who have proven they can create and protect babies. Or, maybe it's just that beautiful people don't become less good-looking just because they've got a couple of rugrats in tow. Either way, the hotness is nobody's fault, and we must accept it.
Ahead, a sampling of the sauce.

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