This Brand Will Majorly Change The Way You Shoe Shop

We pretty much take for granted that our wardrobes are mix-and-match — after all, even the most dyed-in-the-wool Lazy Girl wouldn't always wear the same top with her favorite pair of jeans. So, why can't we apply our genius repurposing skills to our shoes?
Actually, thanks to OneClique, we can. OneClique makes "shoe separates" that allow you to select an upper and a set of detachable heels to create your own unique pairs. Think of it as an à la carte menu, only for footwear (we're pretty sure we've had this exact dream before).
The genius part is that you can buy multiple sets of heels to match one upper, thus doubling your shoe closet (with half the cash). With one little swap of the heels, your dancing shoes can become work-ready pumps. Or, your go-to black bootie can gain new life with a glimmering, metallic bottom. Prices range from $44 to $52 for each piece.
Having trouble putting it all together? Watch the launch video directed by Abbey Drucker. It's pretty mesmerizing watching the ladies click their heels on and off like that. Then, shop our 14 favorite shoe combos — or head to OneClique to create your own.

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