Did Forrest Gump Invent Normcore?

Sporty, short shorts paired with puffy, white sneakers and thick, white ankle socks. Checkered button-down shirts tucked into loose chinos. Unbranded, curve-brim baseball caps. These looks exemplify the true "found-it-in-my-dad's-closet" nature of normcore. Allow us to point out that they're also the staples of Forrest Gump's wardrobe.
Back in 1994, Forrest Gump made a killing at the box office and took home the Academy Award for Best Picture. Then, now, and throughout the two decades in between, the film has never failed to ignite debate. To some viewers, it's inspirational — a true American tale. Others find it "glib, shallow, and monotonous." But, Forrest as a source of fashion inspiration? We'd like to think we're the first to introduce this particular argument.
In celebration of the epic film's 20th anniversary, we're about to prove why Forrest deserves a spot in the normcore hall of fame (right below Steve Jobs, but maybe one up from Jerry Seinfeld). Ahead, we break down three key variations of normcore dress, as seen in the flick — and how to master each look. Time to bring your tiny, red running shorts out of hiding.

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