Underwater Puppies: We’re Not Worthy

The Internet's obsession with animals has made us tough critics. For every cat video you share, there's a friend who knows it'll never be as good as this Scottish Fold Napoleon Kitten. Seth Casteel's cracked the code, though. His "Underwater Dogs" series is enough for even the most discerning viral critic to appreciate. That's why he's followed it up with another incredible segment: "Underwater Puppies."
In an interview with NPR, Steele says he started the photo project in 2010 when Buster, a King Charles Spaniel, refused to stay on land. "He decided he would rather be in the swimming pool, so he just started jumping in, over and over again," Steele told the news outlet. The series has become so wildly popular it'll feature in its own book, Underwater Puppies, due out September 16.
Beyond the cute factor, Steele's photos also have a meaningful message: Many of the pups featured are rescue dogs.
"You know, puppies lift our spirits. They don't care who you are, what you've been doing, where you're doing, they just want to love you and they just want to be your friend," Steele told NPR. That's why we love them so much, too. Well, that, and how fluffy they are.

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