This Scottish Fold Napoleon Kitten Is A Terrible Roommate

Roommates are sometimes the best. They'll order pizza with you, watch movies with you, and split your electricity bill. But, having a roommate can also just be really stressful. Take, for example, Mishka and Cayenne. These two oddly named cats are new roommates — a choice made by neither kitty. Mishka is a six-year-old Munchkin Napoleon, while Cayenne is a tiny Scottish Fold Munchkin kitten.
Though their names alone would seemingly make them an ideal pair, their first meeting didn't go so well. Cayenne, contrary to what she may have said on Craigslist, clearly takes the party home. And, Mishka is having none of it. Though, unlike you and your roommate, these two confront their problems head on. No Post-it notes on the fridge in this apartment. Watch as the Munchkin kitties work out their problems, and become better felines because of it. (Jezebel)

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