New NYC Taxi Service Is For Women Only

01__F4Q8136Photographed by Mark Iantosca.
Ladies of New York City, this is for you.
On Monday, The New York Times reported that a new car-request app will dispatch female drivers ("sporting hot pink pashmina scarves") in hopes of cutting back on (or eliminating) those creepy and uncomfortable cab situations many have experienced in the past. That's right: There's a new girls-only taxi club.
SheTaxis — or SheRides, as it will be referred to in New York City — will begin serving exclusively women in New York City, Westchester County, and Long Island on September 16. And, listen up guys, if there are no women in a group of requesting riders, the app will "automatically [redirect customers] to other car services." Sorry!
The service is here to make women feel more comfortable, founder Stella Mateo told the Times, and provide females with enjoyable company. Plus, Mateo (whose husband, Fernando Mateo, is the founder of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers) highlights the fact that the company is meant to increase the number of female drivers in the industry. Women only make up about 5% of the driver-for-hire workforce.
Mateo is certainly onto something, particularly in a moment where situations like sexual harassment from drivers is becoming more prevalent. Plus, women cab drivers will be a big asset to those who will only ride with women because of religious or cultural reasons.
The costs for rides will reportedly be "competitive," and after launching in New York City, Mateo hopes to expand to other cities, including Washington, Miami, and Chicago. Go on, let the #GirlPower spread. (The New York Times)