NYC Neighborhoods Get Hilarious Corporate Logos

It seems that for every mom and pop shop in New York City, there's a million chain stores — be it Duane Reade, Starbucks, or McDonald's. Our neighborhoods, despite their own unique characteristics, have become flattened by mass retail, whether we admit it or not. British graphic designer James Campbell Taylor has called out the city's commerciality, reimagining noted areas as brand logos.
The series, titled "City in Chains," depicts Soho with Uniqlo's red label, portrays the Meatpacking District in American Apparel font, and captures Chelsea in the form of Chase Bank to prove that corporate America has indeed infiltrated even the trendiest of New York City 'hoods.
"The project itself was born out of my increasing frustration and disillusionment with the deteriorating state of Manhattan's retail landscape," Campbell told The Huffington Post. "I’ve only lived in New York for seven years, but in that relatively short time I’ve seen this aspect of the city change dramatically, often at the expense of variety, diversity and quality.”
Is New York really chained to its mass-produced retail landscape? Or are small businesses still persevering? Weigh in below, and click through to see Campbell's project in full.