Looking Back: Banksy’s Crazy NYC Stint

Few people in the world can send New Yorkers into a tizzy quite like Banksy can. The elusive artist's NYC residence back in October 2013 attracted widespread media attention, resulting in a crazy scavenger hunt for his original stencils-in-disguise and other works. Many of us checked his homepage daily, breathlessly anticipating his next pop-up project.
Did you somehow miss out on the month-long art watch? Look no further than writer and photographer Ray Mock's new book Banksy in New York. The tome brings us a piece of the action — no midnight street-wandering required. Rather than taking snapshots of the installations (like so many people did, brandishing smartphones held high — seriously, has there ever been anything more Instagrammed than Banksy's work?), Mock documented how these creations affected the public, giving the collection of photos a uniquely personal narrative. Click through for a closer look into the captivating phenomenon. One thing's for sure: We'll be Netflix-ing Exit Through the Gift Shop tonight.

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