H&M Makes A Bold-ish Statement About Censorship

embedPhoto: Courtesy of H&M.
Funny things happen when Redditors talk fashion. Today, we spied this H&M T-shirt posted on Reddit under the headline "In communist China, when pop culture is censored, censorship becomes pop culture."
But, as many commenters were quick to point out, calling modern, capitalism-mad China "Communist" is a bit misleading. And, when the Chinese government does censor the Internet, the result looks more like a blank web page than the specific image blocking depicted here.
Still, misleading Redditor headlines aside, this T-shirt is pretty rad. It gives voice to the frustration well-known to any dedicated Internet-trawler: The dreaded geographic block. Sure, we want to respect international copyright laws — hard-working writers, actors, and, um, network executives gettin' paid for their toiling and all. But, dammit, we want to watch that bananapants BBC documentary about the guys who dress like dolls even more. And we can't, just because we live in the U.S. The injustice!
Whether the tee is intended as a swipe at government censorship or the scourge of geoblocking, we don't know for sure (H&M has not yet responded to our request for a comment). Still, you can wear it proudly, and know that one international retailer feels your pain. (Reddit)

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